Wednesday, 3 October 2012

An auspicious start!

I am sitting in the waiting room of the Osteopath clinic waiting to be seen about my foot.  4 days ago I found out I was going to be running the 2013 London Marathon for Beating Bowel Cancer and rued the day I decided to wear wedge heels to a friend’s wedding just a mere few weeks ago. The shoes in question were pretty nice but my Naomi-Campbell-esque Catwalk disaster as I strutted back from the toilets during the reception a little worse for wear ‘not so good’. A friend witnessed (to her amusement) my fall from grace shall we say as my left foot simply buckled and twisted down to the side as I walked. At that point in time I was merely embarrassed by it and proceeded to right myself and carry on walking. I then decided to do exactly what you should do when you sprain your ankle at a wedding reception…down another drink and do the ‘running man dance’ for everyone’s amusement. This is, after all, my drunk show-piece that I reel out at numerous social events!

Cue the Sunday morning following the wedding reception and I am obliterated and ‘coming to’ in bed when I feel the most god-damn awful pain from my foot. I also felt a god-dam awful pain in my head but didn’t have to do a 30 minute WALK on my head to collect the car. Don’t panic...I was not going to be driving it…that was the other half’s pleasure – but he was making me share his pain by joining him on the walk to collect the car, plus we had the kids swimming lesson to get to and I ‘had’ to be at that. I’m pretty sure he could have gone to get the car and come back for me..but that’s another matter.
That rest of that Sunday had pretty much gone in a haze to be honest. I did all my usual tricks to get over my hangover..huge Sunday lunch at local pub, and some ‘hair of the dog’.  Thinking about this some more it occurred to me sitting there that large Sunday lunches and drinking generally speaking was something I was going to have to kick to the curb in light of ensuing Marathon training.  This was a depressing thought. Anyone who knows me knows I like food…I don’t just like it ..I LOVE it and I am always planning my day around food. I always eat one meal whilst thinking about what the next one will be and it’s fair to say that pretty much all of my disposable income goes on eating out whenever I can.  Between my foot and my eating habits, I could see I was pretty much screwed right now.

But was I? Thinking some more about it I realised that if the Osteopath felt that my foot was not quite ready to embark on serious training right now and that I should wait a while before starting my running plan….I could still get in some serious eating and enjoy some more Cava in the interim. A month’s respite maybe? Now my foot has been improving daily upto this point of sitting in the waiting room and I am now walking normally and not crying out in pain anymore – all good. Still, I decided for effect that I would put my best ‘limp’ forward as I approached the treatment room.
‘Patricia Harding?’ – yep that’s me – that’s my cue. So I upped and made my way through with slightly more hobble than necessary only to be greeted with – “been on the piss again?”.

Damn the fact that the stupid Osteopath is in fact my Nephew’s Dad and knows me only too well - I’m not going to able to get anything past him. I can see I am going to have to take this all a little more seriously hereon in.
Wish me luck!

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  1. Now....Tricia...I would not have found the bouncing off the toilet corridor walls like a pinball SO amusing had I known you had injured yourself like you did. You'd have smirked if you'd have seen it for yourself too - I'm sure. Glad you're on the mend though hun and SOOOO extremely proud of you for doing the marathon again. GO TRICIA!