Saturday, 20 October 2012

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

I’ve thought long and hard the last few weeks since gaining my Marathon spot about what my training plan will be. Seeing as I’ve not actually BEEN running yet…thinking is all I have actually done.

That and setting up a ‘JustGiving’ page and a Blog!

Yet whilst I am not a ‘Marathon Runner’ per se… I have actually run the London Marathon before so can speak with some authority on the subject – for myself that is! I know what my capabilities are. I know what went wrong and more important (correct syntax for the purposes of my Brother John and My Boss!) ... what went right for me!
It’s easy to be ‘romantic’ when you think back on your London Marathon experience. It’s kind of like child-birth really….incredibly painful at the time and then somehow you forget that and go on to do the whole thing again!

For me I got to the end of the Marathon (result really) and said “NEVER again”. By the time I hit Chinatown that night with my medal around my neck (I told you before, food is always on my mind) I had started saying “IF I ever did this again, I would do this or that” … to the next morning floating around the hotel swimming pool (as I had no ability to get out by then) saying “WHEN I do this next time…”. 
So there you have it… proof that I really am THAT stupid.

The fact is though, that for many many people the Marathon is actually quite addictive. It’s like my Husband and Tattoos……he said he was only doing that small little one years ago!
So now my mind is venturing back to last time and the schedule I undertook back then, the barriers to my training, my fitness as it were… and how I intend to tackle it all this time around.  I’ve been taking a long hard look at my life as it were and I’ve remembered this:

·         Back then I was working in the city in the day and drinking in the pub in the evenings

·         Back then I was spending full-on weekends with my Step-Daughter and Husband and rushing around like a maniac

·         Back then I hadn’t run anything since school other than high credit card bills

And this brings me to the ‘here and now’ and I’ve realised that:

·         Now I am still working in the city in the day and drinking at home in the evenings

·         Now I am spending full-on weekends with my two little Monsters and Husband and rushing around like a maniac

·         Now I haven’t run anything since the last Marathon other than the school-run!

Not a lot has actually changed in reality!

So on this basis I have decided to embark on a similar running plan to the last time around in the hope I can repeat a similar run on the day next year!  After all, I don’t think it was such a bad attempt 10 years ago if you discount setting off with an injury, picking up a new one along the way, being caught talking on my mobile phone at the optimum ‘photo opportunities’ and getting side-tracked by the handsome Fire fighters along the way ;o)
Not that bad at all!

Yep folks – if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!


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