Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Go Trish 'AGAIN'

So my boss says to me today “where’s your next blog Trish?” and before I can retort he has already reminded me that I’m yet to ‘start training’….insinuating that I have nothing to blog about therefore.


I have been in fact mulling over an idea these last few days, a thought that has been gathering pace in my head so much so that I just have to throw it out there and get it over and done with.
So here it is: What is going to be ‘my thing’? -  I have to have a ‘thing’.

A ‘thing ‘I hear you say? What is she going on about?
Well for those of you 10 years ago who came out in your droves to support me (via the City Pride pub in Isle of Dogs naturally)… you will know what I mean. ‘Go Trish’ was daubed over everyone’s t-shirts, all the wonderful friends and family alike who came to support me that day.  The banner created for me was so big (but certainly not as big as the one draped over the top of our pub at the time I might add!) that you almost felt someone quite important was about to come running past. They weren’t – it was just me.  Such was your overwhelming (by that I mean LOUD) support on the day that the BBC could not help but take notice of you all. Cue a rather random interview of you mad lot during the live marathon coverage where you decided to tell the Reporter I was running injured and raise their interest further.  Then followed a weird ‘Anneka Rice’ moment for me (without the pert bottom) where I was suddenly converged upon by the BBC camera crew as I exited the tunnel approaching the City Pride...sweaty, tired, make-up free (thanks a lot) and looking less than classy to be faced with a ‘live on the spot’ interview for the BBC.

There are so many amazing things about ‘that moment’ none more so though then the fact that my Brother Stephen (for whom I shall be running next year’s Marathon) was sitting in his little house in Germany watching the Marathon coverage only to be suddenly faced with a screen full of familiar faces. If you knew Stephen you would know how excited this made him. He couldn’t be there, yet ‘somehow’ you brought it all to him via the medium of television and the fact you are all gob-shites!  He was ecstatic – telling everyone that his Little Sister was there on the telly being interviewed along with all his friends and family. Marvellous.
So ten years later so many things have changed, especially and painfully that Stephen is not with us now. It also turns out that the City Pride has closed down (a victim of the Docklands property development – boo BIG hiss!) and it occurs to me – what do we do now? I’ve joked about bringing out your old t-shirts and just adding the word ‘again’ on them – I’m simply stunned by just how many of you actually kept them. The creation of rather large banners has been touted once more.  I feel the early twinges of excitement building...I know you all well…I know you’ll be amazing on the day!

However, on the back of the Olympics I see more possibilities though...I want ‘a thing’.  Mo Farrah has the ‘Mobot’, Usain his ‘Bolt’ of course…what can mine be? The ‘Trishster’ perhaps? (yes Anna, I know this term for me belongs to you - but you’d still have to find me a ‘move’ to accompany it). I just don’t know what it could be? I’m renowned for swigging a glass of wine given the opportunity, but that’s not quite going to work as I navigate the Marathon route is it – which is a bit of a shame really.
I thought maybe of doing something that relates in some way to Beating Bowel Cancer.  So that just conjures up ‘bums’ and I’m not sure if I can pull off a Beyonce-esque bootylicious shaking of my derriere. Hmnnnnnnnnn…

So I’m throwing it out there to you all...give me some ideas please...create me ‘a thing’. I might even reward you should I pick your idea. Bottle of Cava anyone?   You’re an imaginative lot, so show me what you can come up with.
We can then bring it out next year in full force and who knows….maybe it will be BBC coverage ‘round 2’. 

Then we have to find ourselves a new ‘City Pride’ to host your mad cap entertainment. One thing at a time though…



  1. Trishie your thing has always always been RUNNING MAN. You do it. We try it. Lucy and I even have mugs. And as you'll be 'running' ...

  2. omg so funny, don't even know WHY that didn't even occur to me lol...especially as I refer to it in my last blog. PMSL

  3. I’m thinking hoola hoops!!! Like a little circular motion of the hips?? LOL!! Kind of near to bowels but without being too arsey!!!

  4. I’m thinking hoola hoops!!! Like a little circular motion of the hips?? LOL!! Kind of near to bowels but without being too arsey!!!